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Trainings and Services

The Rubicon Basic Training is an inspiring 5 day educational adventure for generating awareness and breakthroughs in the most important aspects of your life. The training enables individuals to clarify their vision, set their goals and direction and discover their ability to accomplish results and take effective action. For most participants, the Basic Training is a profound experience. It affords students a chance, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to tap their unlimited potential for joy, success and self-expression.

Next Training: November 29, 2017 - December 3, 2017

Training Schedule: 

Wednesday, Nov. 29 - 5 pm to 11 pm

Thursday, Nov. 30 - 6 pm - 11 pm

Friday, Dec. 1 - 6 pm to 11 pm

Saturday, Dec. 2 - 10 pm - 9 pm

Sunday, Dec. 3 - 10 pm - 5 pm

Participating in the Basic Training will empower you to act on your vision for the future, generating new openings every day. Building on this foundation, the Advanced Training supports you to meet these exciting new challenges powerfully by aligning your everyday actions with your vision. It is an opportunity to alter forever your capacity to access personal power and self-worth, while accomplishing and standing powerfully as the contribution you are and the difference you make.

The Leadership Program is a powerful vision inspired program in which participants solidify their experience of the Basic and Advance trainings and begin to integrate this experience into their lives. The focus of the Leadership Program is on the direct relationship between our ability to articulate powerfully our vision and goals, and our effectiveness at creating desired results. It is a challenging, inspiring and exhilarating program that focuses on “being the training” out in the world.

The Rubicon Teen Basic Training utilizes the experiential education model to involve you in learning through experience. Our training approach allows you to actively experience, explore and develop your own unique life strategy. Using this learning approach, you realize your power to influence your life through the choices you make and the goals you pursue. The Rubicon Teen Basic Training creates a powerful environment in which you realize that now is the best time to develop your life strategy and build a foundation upon which you will launch the rest of your life.

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To achieve and sustain superior business results, it takes more than the best ideas, technologies and resources. It takes the best of your people. It takes bold and inspiring leadership. If you want to transform your organization, create teamwork, eliminate problems, tackle new markets, increase sales, implement new technology, or reduce costs, it will be accomplished through your people. Our consulting team encompasses a wide range of talents and experience including executive coaching, team building, strategic planning, goal setting, meeting facilitation, cross-cultural diversity, and conflict resolution. They have been business owners, corporate managers and international consultants and trainers. Besides their professional skill, Rubicon consultants bring high integrity and strong client focus to their work.

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